Does Data Studio call for user creativity?

Is creativity needed to work with Data Studio?

The answer is no. For many people, like myself, when creativity is brought up we find it to be daunting. Having a creative mind often provides a leg up in a number of situations. However, using Data Studio does not require a creative background. After reading the ways to build and stylize reports I was relieved to see how simple it would be to configure data in a way that is easy for other people to understand. Creative users have the ability to make graphs, charts, and other visuals more appealing, but the data can be easily displayed by anyone. I think that being creative is a great benefit but it is something that is necessary to excel in Data Studio.

Is creativity a useful skill to have?

Of course it is. You can create visuals on anything but being creative increases the engagement with viewers. In a survey conducted by CreativeHuddle, respondents said that creativity positively impacted engagement 91% of the time. The graphs and charts on Data Studio are very minimal to begin with but with a creative eye we can find ways to make colors pop and ad different things to make it more appealing. Creativity is also only beneficial in moderation. If we add too many colors it can distract the viewers from the point we are trying to make. Overall, we don’t have to be creative to use Data Studio but it could be very helpful.

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