Creating a Custom Campaign

What the people want.

Campaigns such as the most interesting man in the world by Dos Equis, “Find your beach” by Corona, and “Jus Do It” by Nike resonates with people. They can easily identify with it and recognize it. You need to make it memorable, find something that people will notice and talk about afterwards. It doesn’t need to be crazy but find something that your target audience would enjoy and exploit it.

Marketing Campaigns That Convert | via @kokasexton

What you need to know.

You need to keep everything consistent and know what you want to do. What is your campaign name? Name your campaign something that is catchy and can catch the eye. The campaign source, campaign medium, campaign term, and campaign content are all things that go into creating this campaign.

 Email campaignPaid search campaign
Campaign Sourcenewsletter1yahoo
Campaign Mediumemailcpc
Campaign Term the search term associated with this traffic
Campaign Contentcall_to_action_2 
Campaign Nameproductxyzproductxyz

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