Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

Promoting a Campaign Across Multiple Channels

Launching and promoting a campaign is a multistep process. It is no longer adequate to share a campaign on a single channel and expect it to gain a large audience. In order to be successful, you must utilize campaign variables to boost traffic. Customizing your URL is a helpful step in creating a campaign because it allows you to track your audience and see exactly what brought them to your site. When you are using multiple channels like “online campaigns: email campaigns, and paid keywords” you want to be able to see which channel is performing the best in order to shift your focus and alter your budget.

Media Hierarchy

When considering your budget you also need to focus on how consumers are getting to your site. Analytics can be helpful in breaking down channels into the different streams of traffic, organic, referral, and direct. Understanding how these work can help create a better user experience and boost your campaign overall. The easier it is for the consumer to recognize your brand and access your site the more likely you are to see an influx of traffic.

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