Creativity and Data Visualization

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Do you have to be creative to visualize data?

Simply put, no. In order to visualize data the only skills you need to utilize are technological. “All new reports start with a default theme. The colors and style settings of this theme are designed to be both attractive and accessible to viewers with color blindness”. This means that a theme is already curated for you and will create a visually appealing layout. The more creative you are the more you can play around with these themes and edit them to fit your liking and the point you’re trying to get across. “You need to have the data presented in a logical, easy-to-understand way so you can apply your learnings in an effective way “. The main point in data reports is to make data easily digestible for your consumer. Therefore, as long as it’s presented in a logical way creativity isn’t necessary.

Is being creative helpful?

Consistent and meaningful use of color makes your reports more attractive and easier to understand“.

Creativity allows for visual contrast which aids in the differentiation in data and content. While it may not be necessary it can be extremely helpful when it comes to making important points stand out. A creative layout or use of color can also help to keep your readers attention. The more you experiment with this the less likely your data is to look like a book report. The more you’re able to engage your consumer the more successful your report will be. So while it may not be necessary it can be helpful when it comes to the impression that your report leaves.

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