Selecting The Best Attribution Model For Your Business

What Is It?

An attribution model determines how your sales and conversions are tracked within your conversation paths. In simpler terms, google uses this model to give “credit” to a source of user interaction such as a blog post or email campaign. What does this do for you? This report will allow you to see what campaign your site traffic is coming from. From there you will be able to decide what one is most effective for your business goals.

The Different Types

There are a multitude of attribution models that are pre-made by Google for you to use. The default model that Google sets you up with is called the “Last-Non Direct Click” which shows the last campaign the user clicked on to enter the site. Donovan Ayon explains that this is useful data because most consumers tend to be convinced to buy a product from a business based on the last marketing campaign they saw. Another model is the “Time Decay” which shows all the user interactions with the different campaigns over time. This is useful because it will show you what campaigns users are becoming less popular among users. If none of the pre-made models appeal to your needs you are able to create a custom model tailored to your business. Additionally you are able to switch what model your business uses at any time. Effectively using one of these models will help you to narrow down what campaigns are most beneficial towards your goals and driving traffic to your site.

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