Creativity and Data Visualization

Do You Need to be a Creative Person to Create Data Reports?

In most respects I would say that you do need to be a creative person in order to create data reports. “Data Studio reports tell stories with data. These stories can persuade, provide insights, validate decisions, or argue for a change of course. Good reports help you find actionable information quickly and easily.” From this quote you can see that a data report is so much more than numbers. You need to be able to make it visually appealing, and something easy and interesting to read. It tells your companies story and can give you the tools you need to enhance the performance of your company. You need to be able to make the report eye catching but be careful that it is not too hard or confusing to read. It helps you establish your target market and creates a detailed map for how to make your company as successful as possible. You should be careful when making your report, because you want to be able to keep it simple, but you also don’t want to not include important information or have the overall report looking bland. In my opinion this does take the skill of creativity.

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