Why I Clicked

How They Got My Attention

There I was, middle of summer 2020, hanging out with my golf friends, one of whom absolutely LOVES the clothing brand Vineyard Vines. It’s all he wears on the golf course and all he talks about off. It was after we had played, gotten dinner out, and relaxed on the couch when I was scrolling through my Instagram. I started to see advertisements for up to 50% off Vineyard Vines online sales.

Vineyard Vines Whale of a Sale: extra 50% off apparel & accessories w/  deals from $6 - 9to5Toys

Bright colors, large “50% off” text in red lettering, the little whale, I barely needed to read the advertisement to know this was a Vineyard Vines sale.

The Ease of Clicking

Instagram has made it easy for companies to add advertisements right in the app, and the target audience is very customizable. In the past I have even got advertisements for colleges that I had been accepted to, congratulating me on my acceptance and showcasing some of their facts and features. Instagram Advertisements allows colleges, events, transportation services, and stores, like Vineyard Vines, to add click in options so that the second the user clicks on the sponsored image they are brought right to the company’s website. There is no need to search the product or service in another tab, so the ease of clicking on the advertisement really streamlines the process for the customer.

Why I Clicked

After hearing about Vineyard Vines from my friend a number of times, combined with the Instagram advertisements I had been getting in my feed, by the end of the summer I had clicked their advertisement and sorted through their website on a number of occasions. Even though I never actually put my credit card information in, there were a number of times I had products in my cart because the sale seemed “too good to be true”.

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