Is creativity needed for success in data studio?

When I first thought about creating reports in Data Studio, I thought, there is no need to be creative in making a report. It’s all just data taken from one place and put into another. What’s creative about that? On thinking about it further, I realized in order for these reports to make an impact, one must think about who they are creating the reports for. Some people are fine with a general chart or graph, they want quick facts. However, some people need color and graphics in order to see the information and understand it better. I believe to make the most meaningful reports, one needs to know who is getting the information and what will work best for them to understand that information.

The reading starts with making charts and they are basic information. For analytical people those basic charts and graphs will work and give them the information needed. However, as stated later in the reading, using color in a meaningful way can make the information easier to read and understand. In the article “3 Simple Tips for Creative Data Visualization” by Leslie Belknap, she writes “people respond better to visualizations consisting of recognizable objects.” In order to catch the attention of your audience, using color and graphics that pop give that audience no choice but to pay attention. In order for the data to be memorable and interesting enough to hold attention, creativity in making charts and graphs can be very important.

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