Creativity in Data Studio

Do you need to be creative to use Data Studio?

After reading about and experiencing with Data Studio, I believe creativity is beneficial however not an essential trait for being successful. At first glance it’s a very overwhelming platform, but once you start to understand how to navigate around it starts to become straight forward. I would say the platform itself is creative enough to enable users of all creativity levels to use it. There are plenty of templates and themes already embedded in the platform for everyone to use. Creativity is a life skill that will always benefit an individual and put you ahead of the curve. However, I believe Data Studio is designed to be used by both creative and non creative individuals.

How Data Studio picks up creativity slack

By reading through the Data Studio help center, you will begin to understand how everything is laid of for you. “Data Studio comes with a number of report templates…. You can also use these┬átemplates to quickly create your own awesome reports! By adding your own data source to a copy of a template┬áreport, you’ll have an attractive, fully functioning report in seconds!” (Data Studio Help). As you can see, the creative experts have done the hard work in designing templates that anyone can use. This is one of many examples of how it’s possible to create an attractive and useful report without having much creativity.

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