Search Optimization Tools: Legacy vs. Current

Search Optimization is incredibly important for digital marketers in order to get people to see your name and get it out there on the web. The Google Search Console (GSC) has been changing as time has gone on and the tools have changed as well, these “Legacy” tools are the few that have stuck around in their changing condition.

Current Reports

These are more updated and newer tools that can tell you a lot about how your age is operating. There are many different tools, a lot more than the legacy tools that can give you a more in depth look and wider variety of information. The overview is something that can be used to see everything as a whole and can be very helpful. There are many other smaller more specific facets of these tools that help hone in on one particular thing such as the sitemaps report or the AMP report.

Legacy Reports

The Legacy Reports are the veterans, they “do not yet have a full replacement in new Search Console.” There are only six of them and they cannot go as in depth as the new ones or tell you nearly as much as you would like. They still work and offer some help but they are actively looking for replacements to improve upon them. The best these tools bring to the table is the International Targeting in my opinion, for something that is deemed to be too old this seem pretty important. They all still provide help because otherwise they would be gone or replaced so they too have importance as well as the Current.

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