Current Reports vs. Legacy Reports

Why are they important

Current report tools and legacy report tools are super important tools to utilize from Google to help better understand and make changes to your online presence. They are both important as they can be utilized together in order to get the most in depth analysis. Legacy reports, while not seeming to be as in depth or have as many tools, gives access to tools that current doesn’t. These tools found in both are different enough from each other that both are important to getting the data you need. They both are beneficial as they help you improve how google sees you. They “ensure any site maintenance or adjustments you make happen smoothly with respect to search performance.”

The Benefits of the Data

Each set of data these tools collect for us tell a different story about our site. For example, the legacy reports can help us to make Google crawl better on our page by notifying Google of any important parameters set. Google being able to “crawl”, or keep track of new websites to visit using links, is a very important process that helps keep your site indexed and part of Google searches. Legacy reports are also able to test your robots.txt.files (which pages should be crawled on your website) and debug any blocked resources on your site. This makes sure everything you want crawled is in fact getting crawled. 

Current reports have a lot of tools to take advantage of. One of the main benefits of most of them are that they give you a great summary of how your site is performing, whether that is clicks, queries in search, or your average search position. Tools are even able to show which links are going to and from your site, mobile usability, and usage on the site in general. All of this is important data to know in order to optimize your page.

Not only are the reports beneficial because they show your sites performance but also because they show problems and how to improve them. For example, the tools notify you about issues occurring with crawling, URL’s, indexing, or security. All of these can go unnoticed very easily and cause harm to the success of your site. Thankfully these tools make it easy to be aware and make changes quickly. Overall these reports and tools are great resources any SEO person can utilize. 

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