Why Site Tagging Can be Extremely Important For Your Website

What are Tags and how do I use them?

Tags are just simple pieces of data that is captured with whatever you want to see that buyers are doing on your website. To get this you need to get a tag manager and connect it to your website and there is a plethora of different tags you can do on your website. With Google Tag Manager you can see how many total clicks, where someone specifically clicked, if they clicked add to cart and backed out of the website without buying the item. All these things can help your company see the buyer behavior which is one of the most important things to know when targeting a specific type of buyer.

How can Tagging help me improve my business

By being able to see what buyers are doing click by click live on your website it becomes evident of what you need to work on to make your customers more satisfied. For example, if you have ten pages worth of stuff on your website and you see that barely anyone is scrolling through the bottom five pages with the use of Tag Manager, you can ask yourself why there aren’t as many people scrolling down far in depth in your website and how you can fix that. You might condense your content into a fewer amount of pages or put what you want people to really see on the first couple pages. It’s just the fact of seeing actual data of every behavior that the buyer has and adjusting your business to their wants through the use of tagging.

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