Paid and Organic Search: The Perfect Cocktail

The first step in mixing this concoction of paid and organic would be keywords. For either form, these are arguably the most important piece. Your analytics reports are a good tell of whether or not your keywords are driving good traffic, and if they aren’t you have the ability to change them. Better yet, you can check out which keywords your competitors are using, and if they’re successful, you know what to do.

Google’s Local Campaigns tool makes it easy to present yourself in your community, though this will take patience. Making yourself known in your community and gaining a following is critical to success, and will benefit you in the future if you can establish a local audience that you can cater to. This is paid advertising, but in combination with other efforts in the organic realm, this will create an ideal cocktail for your ads to really take off.

Check out the benefits of an integrated approach here:

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