Custom Campaigns Using Channels

Using analytics in Campaigns

Ad Campaigns can be so effective in not only getting new users but also retrieving data to help understand who you should be reaching out to and how. However, you can’t simply rely on one outlet to get the most out of your campaign. There are many channels to run a campaign on whether that is email, social media, or search engines. If we were running an ad campaign for a product, we would want to be able to reach audiences in many different formats and get promotion in any way we can. Depending on what you are running the campaign for, there are some channels that get better results than others. We can use our data collection to find out not only which channel works best but also a more in depth vision of what source is most effective as well as which medium. The source is “the origin of your traffic, such as a search engine” while the medium “is the general category of the source, for example, organic search”. We should be utilizing all channels but by knowing what source and medium work best for our campaign, we can use those to get the best results. 

Our Campaign

For example, in our campaign to gain more traction to the graduate program website for Nazareth College, we were able to take our data on analytics and see that most people are getting to the website using organic search on Google. We know this works for us and can strengthen our keywords and search engine optimization in order to help keep that campaign channel working well. What is more interesting in our eyes however, are the second and third greatest channels, sources, and mediums as they show us what is bringing people in people but could use help. Looking at the data we can see that referral is working well. Specifically, users are getting referred from the Nazareth Moodle site as their source. We can strengthen our campaign by using this knowledge to campaign towards students in Moodle and make it easy for them to be redirected.  Knowing these channels and their source/medium can really help us to create the best campaign we can. We should also tag the URL for this website as well as other referrals to associate it with our campaign. Finally, with the information we have we can set up the perfect campaign URL as well. These URLs will consist of our important information such as source, content and medium.

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