#DeliveryDigiorno For the WIN

For any pizza lover, Digiorno is not an unfamiliar brand. Buying a frozen Digiorno pizza for dinner is something my family does when we can’t decide what to eat. During National Pizza Month, Digiorno promoted a campaign #DeliveryDigiorno. This was very successful because customers were able to tweet the hashtag and receive a delicious pizza they could enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

Gut Reaction:

My initial gut reaction to the #DeliveryDigiorno was- OMG. FREE PIZZA. Since Digiorno doesn’t deliver pizza’s, this was an ad that caught my eye. The infamous tagline they use is “It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno!”, and this campaign clearly goes against their saying. For that reason, this campaign will certainly grab the attention of any Digiorno lovers. For this campaign, Digiorno primarily focused on the use of their twitter account. It was interesting to see how they prompted some customer interaction. To spark some interest, they did a great job grabbing attention of twitter users by holding contests that ask customers to give input on what cities Digiorno should deliver to. They acquired 55.3 million impressions on their campaign, which was very successful.

Business Goal:

During the time of the pandemic, a lot of people find going out to the grocery store a risky errand. Digiorno realized this and took advantage of the fact that people are now using apps and other ways to order their grocery’s for delivery. In addition, October just so happens to be National Pizza Month which Digiorno took over pretty quickly. They took to twitter the hashtag #DeliveryDigiorno and inspired interaction by offering new rewards. I’m sure they had competition, but what Digiorno did differently is offer a delivery which is something they never did. Including a tempting offer, they were able to run a successful campaign.

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