Difference Between Defensive and Proactive Corporate Response

With attacks coming at a business that could be hurtful on how they are operating, it may be easy to become defensive. This is where social media plays a role in the decision making to be defensive or proactive. Taking that chance to be proactive instead of defensive can make or break the reputation of a company.

A Defensive Response

A defensive response is an impulse reaction to self-protect from harm or threats that can be made from an outsider. There are people who will dislike a company and make it known. It is the companies responsibility to take action and either reply to the attack or let it be. Responding quickly to a comment is important. However, making sure that quick response is made with professional consideration is more important than getting a fast response that is defensive.

A Proactive Approach

Being proactive means that a company or individual takes a professional approach towards responding to individuals who are unhappy. When negative content comes to the eyes of a company it is important to follow the three T approach. Timeless, Transparency, Training. These three things are what will work efficiently to get a proactive response back fast. It shows volume when a company can commit to their wrong doing and make an effort to get things right. This can include stating they are sorry for their mistakes then offering an action such as receiving the store location to make things right.

Ulta’s Proactive Examples:

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