How You Caught My Eye

by: Makalah Sizer

Catching the consumer’s eye is the first job of advertisers. There has to be some wow factor to their ad that gets the consumer’s attention. Whether it’s something flashy that literally catches their eye, or a cool design, or theme.

As a consumer, it’s pretty often that I interact with digital ads. It really doesn’t take a lot for me to be convinced to click on an ad. It could be animals, babies, clothes, or sports flashing on my screen, and I am most likely going to click on the ad because it aligns with my interests.

Being someone who loves shopping, but is also broke, I find myself often interacting with ads that deal with fashion, and with that, they often have a coupon. As a result, I often find myself signing up for emails, and texts just so I can get a deal on clothes that I probably won’t even buy.

I think I’m an ideal person advertiser would go after, because I pretty much interact with anything. If its the first thing I see, I’m going to check it out to learn more and see if it’s worth my time and my money.

This happens so often more than not. I just recently bought clothes from a site I had never heard of called Missguided. I saw an ad come up on my personal social media feed that got me interested. The clothes were styled how I like and they were affordable and cheap! Plus once I clicked the ad it sent me to the page that included the clothes I saw on the ad, then a popup came up asking me to sign up for emails to receive 20% off. Everything that I wanted and more, and I regrettably spent over $100 in one sitting. But that’s the power of a good ad!

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