The Success From A Social Media Campaign

Coors Light’s social media campaign drives consumers to participate on Twitter. What does this campaign do for their company?

Coors Light has been a rising competitor when it comes to their social campaigns. Lately, Coors has demonstrated many interactive campaigns that generates consumer participation while also demonstrating brand awareness. Because of this, Coors was able to get engagement from consumers to be a part of this campaign.

Using the hashtag, #CouldUseABeer, consumers had the opportunity to share a post that could get the attention of the company. This fun interactive campaign allowed for consumers to be creative in showing ways they could use a beer. Sparking creativity and engagement, Coors Light was able to find a way to connect with their consumers. For example, a popular twitter response with 93-year-old Olive Veronesi became popular using #CouldUseABeer.

Behind this campaign, a main success of it was holding a giveaway. When consumers hear “giveaway” they form the idea of “free” products. With a simple request from Coors to promote their company using the hashtag, consumers had the opportunity to win free beer. Overall, the company’s goal to increase brand popularity and sales would have a positive outcome from this campaign.

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