Differences Between Proactive and Defensive Responses

Proactive Responses:

It is important to understand the difference of how to respond to certain comments when it comes to social media. It’s important that a brand stays good to their message, while addressing what the concern may be. It is important to do this carefully as it can create a stir on social media, resulting in many other negative comments and responses. In order to keep the same message it is important to address certain people who may have problems and try to figure out why. This is a great way to improve positivity around the brand as more people will hopefully enjoy what the brand has to say/respond. The message is just as important as the response as they all need to stay in line with each other in order to keep the brands values in tact. An example of a proactive response on social media is shown below on how Amazon responds to a customer that is having a problem.

Defensive Responses:

On the other side of things when a company responds to customers in a defensive manner it is typically about their negative comment. They then will typically respond to these types of comments in order to try to save face. While they do this they typically don’t address any positive comments as they get caught up responding to others. Typically this can show some of the true colors of the brand and can relate to them having a bad rep. This is something no brand wants and that everywhere should be trying to stay away from. This is a great way to loose followers of your brand, not only on social media. Below is an example of what went wrong for Wegmans after posting a BLM post. They did not respond to the comments as they went on and on negatively.

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