Do you need to be creative to create?

Creative vs creating

You may not be the most creative person, however, you can still be successful in creating a report in Data Studio. When trying to show and explain data one of the most important thing to do is make it easy to follow. People want to be able to understand the data without having to bounce from place to place or have to do extra research. Another factor is adding color and diagrams and charts, so you can make a certain piece of information really stand out against others. 

Keep it simple and tell a story

Information just being presented without any starting point or data to compare it to is not helpful for a business to look at. Charts are a great way to portray data over a period of time, you do not need to be a super creative person to portray data within a graph or chart. 

Creating in data studio is more storytelling than being creative, as long as you can explain and present the data in a way the company can understand it and benefit from, you are all set. You do not want to get caught up in making something so creative that it becomes complicated. Sometimes less is more when presenting data as well. An important quote I found in an article by Harvard Business Review was said by Edward Tufte and was “complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision, and efficiency.” This is a very good point and relates to what I pulled from the reading for class which was the importance of charts, graphs, and color. You have to make the presentation easy to understand and eye-catching. 


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