The Annoying Truth Behind Clickbait

Ads, for years, have constantly been a nuisance to users trying to watch youtube videos, surf the internet, and now use social media. Though they are inconvenient for users, ads are great revenues for businesses to get their products out to different users who may not directly search for their product.

Clickbait = Money

Oftentimes when you are searching for a pair of shoes or that cool new product everyone has next time you open Instagram there it is and you are scrolling through your feed. This almost forces the user to click on the ad or at least stop because it caught their attention. Many times the ad will even have in large letters the word “Sale” to gain the attention of the user even more causing them to click on the ad and make a purchase.

My Clickbait Story

For a long time, I always thought my phone would listen in on my conversations with friends or family because whenever I talked about a product it would always come up a few hours later on my phone. For some off reason, this would always drive me away from the product until I realized that is how marketing works. After getting over how I believed my phone listened in on my conversations I found how successful companies are that are able to market their ads this way and began buying the products after they would appear on my social media feed.

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