Creativity and Visualization of Data

Do you need to be creative in order to have success with Google Data Studio?

My belief after working with Data Studio is that there is no need for a ton of creativity to work with this platform. Of course, it is helpful to be creative and have an open mind when displaying data, however, along the way it is quite easy to make an attractive representation without this trait. Google Data Studio appears to be overwhelming, yet once you play around with it and get used to the platform it is quite basic. Within the platform there seems to be a lot of templates in which they help assist with creativity and developing an attractive portrait. The more you use Google Data Studio, the better you will be with putting everything together, as an easy to read visual aid.

Data Studio and its accessibility

When using Data Studio it is clear there are many different tools and ways to present data. I feel as if once you play around with data and try out a few different ways to present it, you will grasp the concept quite easily. Many my think that the more images and visualizations, the better. However, it is good to keep things simple and organized so the viewer can easily interpret the data and know what is at hand. When browsing through the tips on Google Data Studio I came across a statement that is blunt, but very true and useful to remember. “As a best practice, use these elements sparingly to avoid having your reports look cluttered or distracting from the data.” There is obviously a time and place to use images, lines, etc., yet the pros even say to keep it simple. All in all Google Data Studio is a basic platform that will prove to help organize data in an effective and powerful way.

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