Do You Need To Be Creative To Visualize Data?

Is Creativity Necessary In Marketing?

Do you need to be creative to visualize data? While being creative is beneficial it is not necessary in marketing because of the resources available. Being a Visual Communication Design major, I must be creative with my problem solving. With the use of resources, I can take a step back from having to create original designs. With the tools available I can create ways to share the data visually with a client, just like using the creative platforms. The more practice I have with the Google Data Studio the better I will improve at generating reports. The Google Data Studio has the tools necessary for anyone to take data and turn it into visuals. Creativity in marketing allows for data to be shown in ways suitable for the reader.

How Google Data Studio Can Help Visualize Data?

The Google Data Studio takes the collected data and turns it into visuals in the form of graphs and charts. The Data Studio allows for the creator to take the data and distribute it into visuals. “A Chart visualizes your data. Data Studio comes with a number of preconfigured charts which you can add to your report and customize it as needed”. The data studio uses already created graphs so the less creative do not need to worry about it. All they need to focus on is the collection of data and how they want to present it. “You can control the way your report appears on the viewer’s screen using the options in the layout tab of the theme and layout panel”. The Data Studio allows for the creator to modify the look of the layout to better explain the visual data for the viewer.

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