Is “Creativity” needed in Data Studio?

Is Creativity an absolute Must for Data Studio?

The idea of creativity is a great quality to possess when presenting data and other analytical results. However, this is something that I would consider “something nice to have” and not “something you need”. By utilizing the tools that are present on Data Studio it can allow even the least creative people to present their pieces of data in a way that is easy and straight to the point. Showing your data in a way that is displayed by Data Studio is an effective and sleek way to present that data by using its many tools at your disposal. Although the creativity aspect of a report is very important, it’s all about the results and evidence; not things that are visually appealing to the eye.

More about the use of Data Studio

By using Data Studio there are many tools at your disposal to use that are embedded in the program. At first for me, this program was a little tricky to get a grasp of because there was simply a whole lot of interaction in the studio. I feel with practice and time I will become more proficient with this. Even though I don’t consider myself an artistically gifted person the “consistent and meaningful use of color makes your reports more attractive and easier to understand“. Another tool that will be helpful for me as well is the themes that can be applied. The themes allow me to create almost a mood for the data I will be presenting. Due to the vast selection of themes in the studio, it “makes it easy to quickly create attractive and visually consistent reports“. Knowing these tips and tricks will help me make presenting my data more visually appealing and less boring for the audience.

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