Talent or a Formula?

Does one need to be a creative person to “create” reports in Data Studio? Perhaps there is a formula that requires one to be creative to stand out.

I am leaning towards no, with recognition that creativity will be a small help to your creation. Mastering a formula to the perfect data studio report is key. While creativity is helpful, it will not be the sole reason that your report is successful.  

This meme describes it perfectly. It is clear that there is a precise way to create data reports in order for them to be successful. Even the categories in the help center for creating a report portray how essential it is to follow a formula when looking to have the most appeal. For example, the help site states, “Adding static design elements can add visual appeal and context to your data stories.” It is clear that certain elements, such as the successful addition of the right amount of visuals, will be a great help to your report. Therefore, when using the formula, you must make the most of the content that you include. This is where I feel that creativity may be a helpful characteristic for one to have. The site also mentions, “Data Studio reports tell stories with data. These stories can persuade, provide insights, validate decisions, or argue for a change of course. Good reports help you find actionable information quickly and easily.” If you can effectively organize a story that has visual appeal and that is clear to a reader, you will have a much better chance at having a successful report.

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