Do Ads always give a level up on the Competition?

Many people may think spending big money on ads to increase your rank is beneficial to your website, as John Gagnon, “In the paid search side of things, the more money you are willing to pay, the higher you’re able to show up.” , but with today’s technology and new ways of communicating, does this necessarily hold true?

For a big company, such as Nike, UnderArmor, Adidas, LuluLemon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Apple, Microsoft etc., pouring thousands of dollars into a particular idea to market something new or special is a piece of cake. These companies are always the top advertisement results on the search engine and for someone that doesn’t know that those first results generate revenue for those companies, they will click right along and that ad will get the hits that they pay for.

Unlike big companies, if there is not as big a budget available for smaller companies, they should work on using good keywords, developing an easy to use website with good backlinks, and using social media to promote their product or service.

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