How Much to Spend on Ads

Worthwhile Ads

You don’t have to spend the most on ads to beat the competition. It’s all about the quality of the ad and making sure you’re reaching your target market. This is especially important in saving money as well or maximizing ROI as one ad that converts to a purchase has the same value as 100 ads that convert to one purchase. If you can output high quality advertisements with really good conversion rates you can easily beat the competition that isn’t doing the same but spending more money.

Target Market Ads

Making sure your ads go to your target market in relation to your product or service is vital to making sure you aren’t wasting capital on ads. Companies are even starting to have their company relate to their target market. For example Manscaped, I see hundreds of their ads a month with their main product being shaving supplies for men. Strategies like this is how smaller companies are trying to compete with bigger companies. Not hitting your target market is like trying to carpenter supplies to a painter they have no interest in purchasing and will likely not sell very well compared to a carpenter.

Reality of Perfect Ads

The reality is a perfect ad can only get you so far. This becomes clear especially in a crowded market as you run into variables like brand loyalty or the price of competitors. A person can watch your add and really enjoy it but still not make a purchase because maybe your product is too expensive compared to competitors. You don’t have to spend the most on ads to beat the competition, but if you don’t put out smart ads you will stand no chance.

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