Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging!

In a digital age where consumers can quickly and easily communicate with brands via social media; brands now have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship through proactive corporate response.

This idea of proactive responding can be carried out on almost all social media platforms. However, in this case I will be referring to Instagram. Whenever a customer leaves a message / comment (positive or negative); it is critical that the brand respond quickly and properly. For an example, a customer may leave a comment along the lines of “Hello?! I have still not received my order. It is 7 days late”. In which, the brand should refrain from being defensive and simply ask for the ‘order tracking number’ in order to find the best solution. I want to emphasize the importance of not being defensive as this is an opportunity for your customers to observe how you treat and handle situations that arise. Further, this is an opportunity to build a trusting relationship with current and future customers.

Below, I have included some interesting statistics from “The Sprout Social Index, Edition XII: Call-out Culture” that further empathize the importance of not leaving your customers hanging!

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