Email Marketing

When you really think about it, is email marketing really dead? Its not uncommon, especially for younger people that checking your email frequently is simply not the case. But getting rid of it all together would not be the best idea. There are studies done that shows that every time an email is sent a user is more likely to unsubscribe from their emails. And yes, there are many negatives such as spam mail, which tends to irritate people. Also if your email is poorly made, it goes automatically to spam. So ultimately, this could be a waste of money for the company that’s putting out emails.

But, there are also studies shown that email marketing tends to be extremely effective. According to a study from McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing. Also its seen that products are bought three times as fast through email marketing than through social media. Yes, a large portion of the population has some sort of social media, but not everyone. The older generation is not very keen to social media, but just about everyone has an email. So this is a good strategy to appeal to them as well. So all in all, I do not personally think that email marketing is dead.

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