Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing has been a staple in digital marketing for many years as it is able to reach many customers with a click of a button. However, many consumers do not read these emails from companies, unsubscribe immediately, or give fake email addresses. Many emails also just end up in spam folders never to be seen. For these reasons, it is easy to assume that email marketing is a dying practice. However, email marketing can still be essential to marketing to a wide range of customers at the same time as long as you do it correctly.

Email Marketing Effectively

If a company doesn’t follow the proper steps to a successful email, email marketing will seem ineffective. Company’s email marketing attempts can easily end up in spam folders and never be seen or opened. To assure they don’t end up there, these companies should use a double opt in method that assures that the people adding their emails truly want to be there and will interact with the emails. You will gain much more conversions with this method and will stay away from the spam folder.

Emails should also provide incentives to get customers interested and wanting to click. By having promotions or coupons in the email, consumers will be much more likely to not only click the email but also to go to the site to use the coupon or promotion.

It is also important to find a balance between getting conversions and obtaining information on your customers. This information you can collect while getting the emails might be great for segmenting your users but could also turn some customers away because of the work involved. That leads us into the importance of segmentation. You must make your emails more personalized based on criteria such as a customer’s past purchases, past email responses, or location. This personalization will help to attract customers to the email

Lastly, the subject line and landing pages are crucial. The subject line must be clear and relate to the material within the email. The landing page similarly must match well with the information clicked within the email. If there is a promotion for boots, the link should take the customer right to the boots. Make the process as easy as possible for the consumer.

If the marketing team implements these strategies, email marketing is not dead but instead, can have a positive impact on a company and their sales. 

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