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Making Coffee the first sustainable product to help the lives of 1 million and many more people in coffee communities around the world.

Thanks to the loyalty and support of our customers, Starbucks is donating millions of disease-resistant trees to aid farmers fight threats such as coffee leaf rust. Through our Global Farmer Fund programs, we’re investing $50 million toward financing for farmers, thus allowing them to renovate farms and pursue more sustainable practices. Due to the challenges facing coffee communities, Starbucks is dedicated and active in helping farmers and their families. Working in partnership with Conservation International, we are committed to buying 100% ethically sourced coffee. To improve productivity and sustainability, we share our research and resources through our Farmer Support Centers—located in coffee-producing countries around the world. They’re open to farmers regardless of whether they sell to us.

Starbucks is collaborating with the industry to make coffee the worlds first sustainable agriculture product.

Making Coffee the first sustainable agriculture product:

The challenge is convening the sector to sustain the future supply of coffee while ensuring the prosperity and well-being of farmers and workers and conserving nature. Starbucks is a founding member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a call to action led by Conservation International to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agriculture product.

One of the first issues Action Networks tackles the around aging trees and a focus to support tree replacement or rehabilitation. Starbucks commitment to providing 100 million trees to farmers by 2025 has a cumulative effect when added to the work of The Sustainable Coffee Challenge who is working on an industry wide effort to re-plant 1 billion coffee trees.

We invite you to join us. To get involved, please contact Conservation International and follow our progress at www.sustaincoffee.org


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