Form vs Function? What does your consumer value?

The difference in form vs function of a campaign is how the content is laid out. Is it clear? Is the information easy to follow and understand? On a good landing page, there should be simple headlines backed by quality information presented before there is an option to fill out a form. The function focuses on how well the page is easy to navigate. For example, for people who like to search for specific items, they would like the search bar to be there. For the people who like the browse, there should be an option for browsing, and a choice that narrows down the browsing to help the consumer find what their looking for with minimal effort. I would say that the consumer would value the function of a website because a campaign that is easy to navigate is a big factor in causing the consumer to revisit it, and use it more than once. Along with the function being valuable to consumers, it should also be applicable to scanners, not big paragraphs that would be in a news article; keeping the content to the point all to make it easier for the consumer to follow and find what they are looking for.

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