Using Infographics to Expand Topics on your Website

Infographic about infographics

In the Stukent video, “How to Make the Best Content in the World“, Matt Siltala talks about infographics, and how you can use them to optimize your digital content. Optimizing digital content to be used across various media platforms helps to reach a larger audience and engage more users. This includes making multiple iterations of content to best fit whatever platform it will be posted on, so having a different version for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

You can also break down content to hook people with a single, readable piece of information, then link them to the entirety of the post. Siltala mentions how he does this with infograms, which are a small graphic containing a single statistic or piece of info, and a call-to-action which takes you to their site, where you can view the entire post. By using infograms and infographics together, you can reach more people and expand your online presence.

Breaking down the content ensures that you aren’t losing conversions by boring the reader. By using infographics, you can make informative content look fun and readable for an average user who isn’t well versed. Images help to combine form and function, getting the point across and looking good doing it.

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