First Result

George Do gives a pretty clear overview of how to strategically use keywords to boost your site’s standing on a search engine’s result page. Although it’s not without its extensive research and commitment, by following Do’s tips, it’s certainly possible to be the first result in a Google search.

A well planned and well researched webpage will have tons of niche keywords specific to the target audience they’re trying to attract. To do this, Do recommends investigating competitors to see what words they use, using autosuggest tools, and seeking out Q&A forums to build up a list of seed keywords.

Once the list is complete and you’ve got your keywords all set, you should be able to be a highly recommended result on the page, but the work isn’t done yet.

In order to maintain relevance, the list must be constantly updated with new keywords based on current search trends. As time goes on, newer competitors with fresher keyword strategies could easily surpass you on the results page, so it’s necessary to remain diligent.

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