Benefits of Using Free and Paid Media Tracking

What is the Difference Between a Free and a Paid Advertisement?

Paid keywords and free organic searches are both critical ways of driving a website’s revenue up. When a user searches by a keyword, they are aware of what they are looking for. They know what direction they want to go in. However, when a user is solely browsing a website with an unknown intended purpose, they are unaware of the goal of their search. We have all gone to a clothing website solely just to browse and see what’s new. We have also specifically gone to a clothing website with an item in mind that we plan to buy. It is important for advertisers to create different ads that target each person so that the end goal of each session is to be in the check out line.

Benefits of Using Both Methods Simultaneously

Paid ads and organic searches compliment each other because one involves people who know what they want, and the other involves people who may potentially want your product, they just are not quite sure yet. Advertisers can use both of these methods to reach an audience. For people who already know what they want, viewing a paid ad would enhance their thoughts of what they already know they want. For people who are unsure, viewing a paid ad may enable them to organically search your website later on. Both paid ads, and organic searches are important for reaching audiences. Advertisers just need to be aware of what point in the shopping process the user is at. Are they browsing for what’s new? Are they ready to add to cart? Or have they already confirmed their payment for their shiny new product?

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