Form and Function: designing a website

When creating a website, or landing page, for a marketing campaign, its important to consider both form and function. Form is the look, feel, and visual appeal of the site, while function is the ability of the site to serve its purpose, to maximize conversion.

Form is extremely important, a messy website will lose potential conversions before they even know what you’re trying to sell. Less is more most of the time, if you’re site only has one purpose, the design should reflect that. distractions from a cohesive linear design can make or break a conversion. consistency is key as well, if you’re primary source of traffic is indirect, through an ad or otherwise, the imagery and information should carry over to your landing page as well, or someone may think they’re in the wrong place.

Function goes hand in hand with form, however function must come before form. You could have the most beautiful website in the world, but if it doesn’t function, then it’s useless. The design should lead the consumer through the steps to becoming a conversion, giving supplemental information along the way, and finish the process with a clear call to action.

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