Form vs. Function

While consumers are using webpages more and more to buy products, it is important to consider the form and function of the webpage when you’re creating it. The webpage should be straight forward and appealing to the eye of the customer.

The from has to do with the layout and overall design of the webpage. Form is what grasps consumers attention and dictates whether they buy a product or not. If the webpage is unorganized and hard to navigate, you can lose many potential customers. Therefore, it is important for the website to be appealing to the eye, yet easy to use.

Function has to do with the overall function of the webpage. You may have a beautiful looking webpage, but if it doesn’t function properly, there is no use for it. With that being said, customers value a well-functioning and organized webpage that is user friendly. If the form of the webpage is appealing and it functions properly, then it should generate the most clicks possible from consumers.

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