QUICK & DIRTY. Form V.S. Function

As ‘Brick & Mortar’ stores become more and more obsolete, chances are…you are considering conducting business online. I have some good news. It is easier than you may have thought! Just keep in mind that when creating a landing page/website, it is critical that you consider ‘Form V.S. Function’. Paying attention to these concepts will greatly maximize your online success.

Below, I have quickly described Form V.S. Function.


  • less is more
  • your foundation
  • ‘form first design’ – broken into 6 parts (see video provided below)
  • design must remain clear & consistent

– Function –

  • information must be clear & consistent – no misleading information
  • don’t forget a ‘Call to Action’!
  • every. button. must. work. – no ‘dead ends’

I would highly recommend taking a look at the Youtube video I have provided below. Here, you will find tips & tricks to create a better user experience. https://youtu.be/w87hTii1Dao

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