“Free and Paid Media Tracking”

Which Method is Best?

There are needs for both free and paid media tracking. Both can be beneficial if they are utilized correctly and effectively. In order to decide which to use, we must first identify our wants and needs. We need to ask ourselves, “which one is worth my while”. Also, we must remember to keep it within our budget so that we are able to manage our funds as well. In the SEO vs PPC article, it reads, “To make a decision on which strategy to use, you need to understand the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC, and how they can work together to drive growth for your business.” Weighing the pros and cons is a very helpful strategy and can help companies or organizations figure out which option is the best for them. In many cases, both methods can be used to effectively advertise.

What’s the Cost?

While we might be able to choose one or the other that we ultimately prefer, we still must find a way to have both SEO and PPC work together. It is crucial that we at least attempt to utilize SEO. SEO is helpful because it is entirely free and we are able to have little to no cost setting up these ads. PPC can be a huge help, but it will cost money. By paying for our ads to get out there, we can ensure that people will see them. Doing that is simply not enough, we have to put in the same amount of effort into creating SEO and PCC. Choosing the right time to use each of these is extremely important in advertising as well.

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