Paid Ads and Organic Searches

When someone searches up something they want to buy, their eyes are drawn to the first link they see. With SEO, you can match keywords of your products and services based on what someone is searching up. It costs no money to draw attention towards your business. But it is very time consuming. It will also take time for a new domain to rank up to some of the top site. Paid Ads are a good way to boost your new business. It costs money, but the ROI could be worth it.

How they Complement Each Other

If you wanted a pair of sneakers for running, and you type into your browser running shoes, you are most likely to clink on the first link. Companies who pay to match up your search to lead you to their website. When it comes to organic searches, a customer is more inclined to buy something because they trust their own search. People don’t always love to see ads on their social media. Putting more money into your ads, could increase your profit or at least get more exposure on your company.

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