Using SEO and PPC to Grow

Is One Method Better Than the Other?

One of the most important aspects of brand growth is good marketing. There are two different types of ways to market a business, by paying for ads and relying on organic search. One is not necessarily better than the other but rather useful in different ways. By using both methods of data collection, growth becomes an inevitability.

SEO Pros and Cons

SEO is an incredibly effective way to build a brand, but it is a time consuming process. Unlike PPC, SEO is free to use which allows you to market 24/7 without breaking the bank if money is tight. But, this requires a lot of energy from professionals to keep information up to date and staying ahead of the competition. SEO can be a time sink and may not help businesses on a shorter time frame.

PPC Pros and Cons

PPC is an alternative way to get traffic to a given sight. This is done through ads that cost money every time someone clicks on a link. PPC can be useful to get immediate results if there is a short timeline. You avoid the dog-pile of organic search and get to the front of the line faster. However, this method costs money and using cash to guarantee visibility. This can be great for growing a brand if there is some spare money but can become costly over time.

Putting Them Together

Both methods of data collection are useful in their own distinct ways. SEO helps to get traffic over a long period of time through a bigger time investment. PPC uses paid advertisement to get faster results and higher visibility at the cost of a bigger expense. By using both methods, you can make sure that you are hitting multiple channels and targeting as many people as possible. Both of these should be used, it just depends on where you are at in the cycle.

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