PPC Vs. SEO Advertising

Free and paid adverting are both important and can even work together for the better of your company. When deciding whether to use an SEO or PPC there any many things to consider, including your target audience, budget, and market.

An SEO ad is an organic and free form of advertising that has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are on a tighter budget it might be the better option. In this case, you do have to be very thoughtful about how appealing your website and advertisement are. SEO advertisements are a big commitment and investment as well because they take a longer time to show results. SEO is a more stable way of advertising once you have built a platform for your company. On the other hand, PPC advertising has quicker results but the more activity your ad gets, the more you have to pay. There are ups and downs to this way of advertising as well. 

It is smart for a company to use its money and resources to produce both PPC and SEO advertisements. A company could use the PPC advertisements to form and create their SEO ones. Companies should do this so they will be getting quick and informative results on the ad and know how to proceed. Also, a company could partner these ads with each other or even rerun content in SEO form later. So as a company thinks about your main goal, audience, budget, and campaign before deciding on an advertisement form.


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