Form Vs. Function

The need for digital marketing is continuing to grow. Accessibility is a huge concern which is where form and function come into play. Capturing consumer’s attention is just the start, from there websites need to fulfill the needs of their costumers by functioning in a swift and consumable manner in order to create repeat visitors.

The form is the layout of the website, what attracts consumers’ attention, how quickly is this catching their eye. Form dictates how accessible the website is for consumers and is the first thing they notice when coming to the website. Without good form the function is unimportant.

While form should be the initial concern function is key to keeping consumers interested. Poorly functioning websites often cause consumers to leave without a purchase or interaction and go to a competetors site which will better fit their needs.

With digital competition being high websites need to find a balance between both form and functionality. By creating this balance they will maximize their profitability and usage becoming more competative in their market and better serve their consumers.

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