Google Analytics: Audience Tracking Tools that will improve your Social Media

Google Analytics is a great tool to use for audience tracking. Audience tracking is a feature on Google Analytics that allows users to receive live reports on who visits their page, and overall insights on the audience such as their demographics. These tools are essential in giving useful information to businesses, firms, and people on social media. Many businesses are recognizing that we are now in a digital age, and many potential consumers are on social media.

The Tools to Use

One key tool businesses and individuals can use to track their social media audience is viewing social reports under acquisition. This report is designed to exclusively focus on social media, and can give valuable insight on the overview of social media sites driving the most traffic.

Another key tool to help monitor your firm’s social media is the “user explorer” aspect of google analytics. This part of analytics helps to understand why certain visitors navigate and interact with your social media the way they do. This can help understand if consumers are taking the desired action after being directed from certain social media sites.

Lastly, after taking individual consumers and reports into consideration, it is important to reflect on how to improve your social media strategy. Benchmarking on google analytics is the perfect feature to utilize in order to do so. This feature allows insight into your competitor’s traffic by comparing it to your own traffic. By utilizing these key features on Google Analytics, your social media marketing strategies can improve immensely.

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