Are Audience Reports Able To Improve Your Company?

So What Do Audience Reports Do??

Audience reports are available through Google Analytics to offer your company some information about your users characteristics. Some very important things it offers is the demographics of your users, so you are able to know who you are or should be targeting. Also you can find out the interests of your users, where they are located geographically, their behaviors on the website and what devices they are using to access your pages. Clearly there are a lot of things that the audience reports have to offer. Now we question how it can benefit and improve a company.

Can Audience Reports Lead To Improvements In A Company?

Audience reports can have quite the positive impact on a companies marketing. It can give them some really good intel on their users to make marketing a lot easier for a company. In the article How to Use Google Analytics Audience Data to Improve Your Marketing, Kristi Hines gives her insight on the topic. From knowing your users demographics creating ads to target your users becomes much easier. With seeing users interest you are able to market to people who’s interests match your company, or create ads that will reach your users through their interests. The use of geo-graphics is great for social media and search ads. You can base ads off your users location and their languages. Also if you are a small local business you will want to make sure you are targeting your ads to the right locations. “If you notice returning visitors are more likely to convert,¬†do everything in your power to get first-time visitors back¬†onto your website by having them subscribe to your blog or email list. ” Says Hines. You can do this by seeing your users behaviors. Lastly, seeing the technology your users are using is helpful as well. You want to make sure your website works across all different browsers. Whether is the type of computer people have or if they are using mobile phones for you company more often.

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