How Behavior Reports and Content Marketing go Hand in Hand

Understanding Behavior Reports

Behavior reports are quite simple, it starts with something called site search query capturing that is extremely helpful. This helps us see what users are looking for on our site, along with different interactions on our page such as page views and even monetization opportunities. However, it is important to understand key topics such as: Site Search, Event Tracking, Content Grouping, and Experiments which can be found and explained here:

This link will take you to google support page for behavior reports and give you a step by step guide allowing you to learn how to tracker user behavior. Each link with also explain what you are doing so that you are able to learn and understand your findings.

Content Marketing and How You Can Use it to Help You Business

“Content Marketing is the practice of creating and marketing content for the purpose of driving traffic, increasing awareness, and/or supporting a brand.” Content is extremely important when it comes to broadcasting you business to potential and returning customers. Everything from blogs to product pages to forums are all considered content that can be viewed my users. In this case, a strong content marketing strategy is critical in order to become and stay relevant.

In an article by Daisy Quaker title “How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years – Organically”, where talked about her time as a Digital Content and Marketing Manager for a synthetic oil company. She described the blog posts as being sporadic with dry topics that only got 5,000 sessions a month. However, when she left they had jumped up to 100,000 sessions a month. She listed several different suggestions on how to grow your blog like she did. One of her recommendations that could be supported by behavior reporting, was figuring out what posts to optimize and how to do it. Some examples were:

This was described as on-page optimization which are measures taken in order to improve a posts position in search rankings. All these tweaks lead to higher traffic for the posts they were able to adjust.

Behavior Reports are a helpful tool in order to find what can be changed on you sites, and in this case with blogs, that can result in higher traffic coming through your site. If done correctly, then traffic can sky rocket and yield similar results that were described in Daisy Quaker’s blog. If you wanted to take a look at her entire blog along with others use this link!

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