Customer Bingo

Lead Scoring Through the Customer’s Journey

Let’s say you’re working at a car dealership as a sales representative and you see contacts from two prospects. The first is from a newly graduated college student that is looking to buy a car for the first time. They have just recently secured a full time position at a reputable company and are excited about their new purchase. The next prospect is a father of two children roughly the age of 40 and is well established in his career. Both of these buyer’s journey’s are going to be inherently different. What is important to understand is how these two leads are going to be scored, and it is not necessarily whether or not one is more likely to buy more than the other, but whether or not their journey is going to have the best outcome.

Scoring the Leads

It can be much easier to score these two leads based off of some personal information that we may find. First being their demographic information, their company information (what their position is, salary, etc), their online behavior, email engagement, and social engagement. Through this information we can better gauge their interests and motivation to purchase. After assessing these kinds of things, talking with the customers and with your team will be the best way to score them. Lastly, trust both the analytics and yourself!

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