Paid and Organic Searches Piggybacking Off of One Another

What’s the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search Data?

The whole point of organic and paid searches is for companies to get more viewers on their webpage. This leads the company to spiral in a positive direction when they are getting as many to view and buy their product as possible. Companies use a combination of paid and organic keyword searches to set themselves apart from competitors that may not be getting as many clicks on their website as much as they would like to.

Why Use Both Organic and Paid Keyword Searches

It is a very useful tactic that companies do by using paid and organic keyword searches. A company that is good at it is Amazon. When you search for something to buy the first thing that may pop up in the Google Search is a paid ad that Amazon is paying for. That way they get to be at the top when people search for something and Amazon pops up right away. If you scroll down you may see even more Amazon stuff that will lead you to their page and those are just organic keyword searches. They have done a tremendous job studying common words people use to look things up and also what their competitors are using for a organic search keyword to make their keywords even better.

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A/B Testing Helps Make Decisions

What is A/B Testing?

To simply answer that question, A/B testing is comparing two versions of something and seeing which one works better. They are randomized controlled experiments because you can set it so half of the time people are sent to one page and the other half go to the other page. Then you can collect data on which one performed better.

Sample Hypothesis

Think for example, that you are running a food business. You can create two different pages. One could have pictures of the food at the bottom and the other one could have the pictures at the top and you run that A/B test and see who shops more on your website. I’m sure in the results you will see that people like pictures of the food and will be more likely to buy from you but you can do that with any website.

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Keep Pushing The Content

Content is all about quality as much as it is quantity

It is important to have all different types of content for your viewers to see when they are looking at your website or what not. You are going to want the content you are putting out to be quality that will have a positive impact on your company. It is very crucial to put as much content as you can out there especially if you are a new company. You want all sorts of content ranging from, “Posts on our own blog, help guides, template descriptions, guest posts, and sponsored articles”. Chad Reid states that it is important to produce vast amounts of high quality content because, “We could build a content engine that produces high volume of quality content, then we could learn what works well and double down on creating great content”. That way you can always make improvements and adjustments to the new content you are producing leaving your consumers with the best content possible.

The Behaviors of the Consumer

While putting all this content out there it is crucial to look at the behavior of the viewers looking at the content. You can look at what landing page they started at and their exit page and what piece of content they looked at last. Then you can see what’s popular and what the consumers seem to like and produce more things of that nature.

Read this article learn about an experiment this company did by producing 100,000 words worth of high quality content in a month and how it positively affected their business.


McDonald’s Everlasting Campaign

The Magical Golden Arch

McDonald’s is known by everyone from the golden arches in their logo. There are also many other things McDonald’s is known for with their campaign but since times are changing we will talk about their most recent campaigns. Their most recent slogans are “Hands Full”, “Grown up”, and “It Must Be” trying to make it the quickest way possible for families to get food. These slogans are used in their television advertisements. McDonalds came up with these new slogans to inform people on what they have to offer now. For example, McDonalds has introduces kiosks where you can order food making it much faster timing to get your food because you don’t have to wait in line if there is one. Below there is a link to the new campaign ideas and the actual ads.

Multiple Channel Campaigns

McDonalds came out with the campaign called “Search It” back in 2007 which was an ad showing a person google searching where the best coke is. This brought them to the McDonalds page because they are known for having the best tasting soda. There are multiple ways that McDonald’s will pop up while people are google searching that will bring them back to the McDonald’s page. Having so many different advertisements will get McDonalds stuck in someones head so when they need a quick bite to eat it will trigger their memory and they will be more likely to go to McDonald’s. As a company they have done a good job tagging keywords that people search for such as “Best Coke” and McDonald’s will pop up. Using the words “Best Coke” don’t necessarily relate to McDonald’s but that’s how they can get new consumers to start eating at their place. Also putting in a link back to their website for all of their advertisements is smart because people will go to their website and see all of the new things they have to offer.


Reaching Your Target Market Using Custom Affinity Audiences

What Are Custom Affinity Audiences?

When looking for your target market it would be helpful to know as much as you can about the people who are interested in what you have to share. When using custom affinity audiences you can learn more in depth what your audience is like not just their broad demographic. Using these audiences allows you to get the most efficient amount of people that you are targeting rather than having a broader target that won’t even look at what you have to offer.

Important Combination of all Custom Affinity Audiences

Advertisers can make their custom affinity audiences by using many different ways. They can use keyword phrases when people search on the internet for their interests. You can also use URLs to see what specific categories people are interested in on your website. Also, you can see what types of places people are interested in and their hobbies. If your company has an app it can be placed in a certain category and pop up with similar ads. For example, if you search for the ESPN app you will also see the NFL app, the ESPN plus app, and many other sports apps. This will narrow your target market down and make it easier for your company to reach these people who are most interested in your product.

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Why Site Tagging Can be Extremely Important For Your Website

What are Tags and how do I use them?

Tags are just simple pieces of data that is captured with whatever you want to see that buyers are doing on your website. To get this you need to get a tag manager and connect it to your website and there is a plethora of different tags you can do on your website. With Google Tag Manager you can see how many total clicks, where someone specifically clicked, if they clicked add to cart and backed out of the website without buying the item. All these things can help your company see the buyer behavior which is one of the most important things to know when targeting a specific type of buyer.

How can Tagging help me improve my business

By being able to see what buyers are doing click by click live on your website it becomes evident of what you need to work on to make your customers more satisfied. For example, if you have ten pages worth of stuff on your website and you see that barely anyone is scrolling through the bottom five pages with the use of Tag Manager, you can ask yourself why there aren’t as many people scrolling down far in depth in your website and how you can fix that. You might condense your content into a fewer amount of pages or put what you want people to really see on the first couple pages. It’s just the fact of seeing actual data of every behavior that the buyer has and adjusting your business to their wants through the use of tagging.

How to Track Button Clicks


Google Rebuilds Search Console For the Better

Old Tools Being Replaced With The New and Improved

As years go by search console tools have been evolving and solutions occur to problems that are happening with the functionality of the tools used. A new tool that has come out is the performance report that Google has implemented. This report shows us how many people clicked on our site, our average search position, and how many people saw the site. This is very important information to know when you have a website because it tracks your progress and shows your improvements as you fine tune your website along the way with the results that you get.

Important Additions to New Search Console

One of the new tools is the use of Google search console on your mobile device. According to the article, the old search console could give you the data on total number of clicks, total impressions, average click through rates, and average position but you had to choose between, “Filtering by the type of search query, page, country, or device and you could only use one at a time”. In the new search console you can do all of the filters at once making it more efficient. The article also states that the old search console only stored data up to three to four months long and now it can track data back to twelve to sixteen months ago which is huge.


Digital Analytics are Key to Running a Business

As a business digital analytics tools are very useful especially if your business has a website. The data collected from the analytics can be useful for reports being made about what consumers are interested in and are looking for.

The article above states that analytics is not just qualitative data but also quantitative data. This is very important because businesses can see actual statistics on what people are clicking on but also being able to hear what the consumer needs, helping them change their strategy to help those customers with their needs.