Got to Love Diamond Paintings

By: Alyssa Van Auker

How it Started

Last fall is it was starting to get closer to Christmas, I kept seeing diamond painting ads on social media. They were all saying how diamond painting was the new addicting craft project. Seeing it multiple times, and reading on comments of the sponsored posts, made me click on the ad. I had been looking for something to ask for as a Christmas present that was more fun than it was practical. I ended up looking through the site and found designs I would like to do, that I put in my mental list of what to ask for.

My First Diamond Paintings

Fast forward nine months and I had completed all three of the diamond paintings that I had received for Christmas from my friends and family. I felt at ease whenever I would complete them, and it gave me something to do with my hands while I was watching a show, or listening to a podcast. That summer I kept seeing this same diamond painting ad on Instagram almost every day. I did not want to buy more diamond paintings yet so I did not click on it.

Finally Clicking

What it took for me to click on that ad was seeing it repetitively, and seeing it at the exact moment that I was bored. I clicked on the ad and pleasantly saw more designs than I have seen anywhere else as well as designs that I thought would be perfect for me to gift to friends for Christmas presents.  

What Made me Click?

Anytime that I have clicked on these ads it was because I saw them multiple times throughout the course of a month or two, and I happened to see it while I was looking for something to do. These ads came to me at the perfect time for me to click on them, and look through their products.

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