Back to School Shopping

Prior to classes starting I like to stock up on stationery supplies. Usually, I run to my local Target and grab a pack of gel pens and some notebooks and call it a day. But the last time I did this the store had stopped carrying the brand of pens I usually buy. At the time I had bought different pens and didn’t think anything of it. Only to learn throughout the semester that the pens wouldn’t dry quickly enough to highlight notes or even write quickly. I ended up with smudged notes and ink along my hand.

I was determined not to that again. I did a quick google search for the brand of pens I liked, intending on finding a store where I could go and buy them. Instead, I found an online site that sells a variety of stationery supplies.

I stumbled upon an ad for a website called JetPens that specialized in selling stationery that fits people’s different needs. I found not only my previous favorite pens but also other pens/stationery supplies that I thought I would like. Instead of trying to find a physical store in my area, I bought the pens (and other stationery) from the online retailer.

What made me click?

This ad wasn’t at the top of the page, but it was the most appealing. The ad wasn’t just for the brand I liked, but also for a different variety of pen by the same brand. I clicked because I was curious. In my opinion, the ad was successful because it gave me what I was looking for while also showing me that there were other options that also fit the parameters of my search.

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